Listen to EXCELradio Live

Welcome to what is truly revolutionary radio! Radio that will entertain, inspire and minister to you with great music and more. EXCELradio is an internet radio station created by the congregation of Guiding Light Church, seeking to give glory to God. Our mission: Take the Word of God to the world through song and word.

In summary, EXCELradio is 24/7 radio for and about people of faith and their message to the world.

EXCELradio is The Sound of PRAISE Heard Around the World!

EXCELradio Program Line Up:

Word of Truth Broadcast (LIVE from The Guiding Light Church) - Sundays @ 7:45a and 10:30a; Wednesdays @ 7:00p

Bishop Jim Lowe (Executive Pastor of The Guiding Light Church) - Daily @ 5:00a and 10:00p (COMING SOON)

Daily Bread Ministries (Joe Medina) - Sundays @ 7:00p

The Ladiez Room (Clarissa Kenty) - Mondays @ 7:00p

Pointing The Way (Pastor Lawrence Conaway) - Mondays - Fridays @ 11:00a

The Trap Plan Radio (LP Like Paul) - Sundays @ 8:00p