Are You? Or, Are You Not, Going To Stand Out For God?

Bible Study Notes


You will have to be willing to stand apart from everyone else? You are not of the world!

    • We must stand together against the world (Love one another John 15:12)
    • Every one of us is different but we must stand together to accomplish what we are each called to do.
      • I cannot stand without you. You cannot stand without me. We need the other. (1 Cor 12:12-14, 20, 25)

Satan used the independence of the woman to cause the fall of both. We must maintain our unity in the Spirit (Eph 4:1-5 )

  • The world is not your friend. John 15:18-19
  • The life of David proves a man must be willing to stand apart from everyone else for God to do great things through him.
    • Saul had failed (1 Sa 13:8-13,14) in the eyes of the Lord. Who else was told they had done foolishly? 2 Chr 16:9
      • He feared the people. He was not willing to stand apart with God
      • He did what please them and not what pleased God (1 Sam 15)
      • He was a man of the people. He refused to make distinction for God. He went along with the people.
    • David was different
      • He was doing the work his Father had assigned to him (1 Sam 16:11)
      • He was not looking for the glory from the people. He live for a different purpose (1 Sam 13:14)
      • His focus was on tending to the flock of sheep his father gave him (1 Sam 17:34)
        • The flock represent the people of God
        • Remember, he dealt with the bear in the lion to protect the flock
        • The Flock was not his but his father’s
      • David had a zeal for the things of God
      • He thought different from everyone else (1 Sam 17:26)
      • He operated on faith while others operated on fear
    • David’s brothers were like the rest of the world. They were not unusual. They fit in with everybody else
      • They were considered special by the world. Special enough to fight
        • David was considered special by God
      • Just like Saul they were accepted by everyone else
        • David was rejected by everyone else
      • His brothers were considered mature and ready to fight in the army of Saul. They were ready to follow a leader of the world even when the leader was not willing to follow God. Why are so many of us willing to follow men and not God?
        • They did not stand out in the crowd. They were like the rest of the world. Following things of the world (a man)
          • God chose David, who stood out from the rest of the world but rejected by everyone else. He made distinction for God and god made distinction for him
          • He was belittled because he was a shepherd and he did not look like everyone else
        • All of the other soldiers took their comfort in the armor of man. David rejected the armor of men and believed in the armor of God (1 Sam 17:39)
        • The rest of the men refuse to take a stand. They were not willing to stand up for Saul, the one they served, or for God, the one who had created them.
          • The people of the world are not reliable
        • Goliath represent the demons and the people of the world. Remember, his ancestry was part son of God and daughter of men.
          • The kingdom of God will always be challenged by men and demons
          • All of the soldiers fled and would not take a stand
            • David again stood out apart from the rest. He was willing to make distinction for the honor of God
          • David was rebuked by his brothers and Saul
            • The world will encourage you to doubt what God tells you
            • He was slandered by his older brother. His own family!
            • Everyone told him it was not possible to be done.
              • David was willing to trust God. He was willing to be different for God.
              • God would do different for him.
            • David was willing to risk his life and his future for the honor of God.
              • He went forward to fight Goliath. His trust was in God.
            • The world and the demons represented by Goliath also challenged him. They threaten him with the destruction of his life.
            • Secured by his faith that God had made distinction before, he trusted that God would make distinction again.
              • His words were spoken for the honor of God.
              • He aggressively and boldly defended the honor of God. Very few will stand for the honor of God!
            • A man’s talent will make room for him if he’s willing to use it

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