Bereavement Ministry

This ministry reaches out to members who have experienced death in their families and provides biblically based support and encouragement for a period of time.
Elder Charlena H. Bray,

Brothers of the Round Table Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry is a collection of godly men who work to provide interaction with other godly men. Through Sunday school classes, special events and social gatherings, the Men’s Ministry endeavors to build a cohesive force of praying men that are assets to their families, church, and community. For more information, contact Plaz Bolden.
If you are interested in joining the Men’s Ministry, contact Deacon Plaz Bolden or call (205) 777-4836

Campus Safety

Campus Safety is composed of men who have volunteered to be “watchmen on the wall” (Isaiah 62:6). These men are charged with maintaining a safe environment for all persons to worship God at The Guiding Light Church and to act as wards of the property that God has blessed us with.
Those who are committed to serving should contact Elder William Jordan or call (205)-365-7233.

Community Outreach Ministry

This ministry focuses on the needs of our community and it periodically spearheads projects and events that are designed to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Members who are passionate about evangelism and would like to serve in this ministry can contact Pastor Conaway at or (205) 380-4790.

Fine Arts Ministries

This is a ministry of people joined together with the purpose of glorifying God with our gifts and talents in all worship experiences. Though all have different gifts and various ways of expressing those gifts, we maintain a unified focus of serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in ministering to others and ushering in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Ministry areas include the GLC Choir; Dance and Banner Ministry; Praise Team; Drama Ministry and Youth Dancers.

GLC Bookstore

The GLC Bookstore was established in 1996 in association with The Guiding Light Church, primarily to provide resources for its members.  In keeping with the ministry’s vision “to build an army of saints that will inflict severe and heavy casualties upon the enemy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” the GLC Bookstore has endeavored to equip those saints with the tools needed to obtain the knowledge and spiritual maturity required to do the work of ministry. The bookstore offers an assortment of books, reference materials, gifts, and apparel.  If you would like to volunteer in the bookstore, contact Deacon Gwen Boyd or (205)-838-1386 at ext. 201.

GLC Cafe

The GLC Cafe Café operates as an auxiliary of the GLC Bookstore on 2nd & 4th Sunday mornings from 11:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. serving a variety of freshly prepared menu items including salads, snack foods and meal plates. Online ordering is available at
If you would like to volunteer in the café’, contact Deacon Gwen Boyd at or (205)-838-1386 at ext. 201.

House of Refuge

This is a ministry dedicated to showing love to young ladies who are facing unexpected pregnancies. These ladies are provided physical, emotional and spiritual support during and after their pregnancy.
If you have the gift of mercy or giving and would like to serve in this ministry, contact Minister Leria Jordan or (205)-838-1386 at ext. 213.

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry is a team that provides audio and video for Guiding Light Church campus and online services.
For more information or to volunteer, contact Dolores Summerville at or (205) 838-1386, ext. 225.

MEDIC Ministry

Miraculous Evidence of Deliverance in Christ promotes health and healing through prayer, study of the Word, healthy eating, exercise, fitness, and other wellness strategies. The MEDIC team is made up of healthcare workers and other volunteers who are available during Sunday Worship Service and special events to assist with medical emergencies. The MEDIC team sponsors regular Sunday health screenings, semi-annual blood drive, flu clinics, CPR certification classes, wellness classes, et. Al.
Elder Charlena H. Bray,

Pastoral Care Support Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to assist the Pastoral Care staff in addressing the various and diverse needs of the congregants. Depending upon the need, the congregant is matched with a volunteer who has a specific gift, skill, and/or experience that would be helpful. For example, a struggling married couple may be matched with a more seasoned couple that can help them through a crisis. Another example, a single mother having issues with her teenager may be matched with a single mother who has successfully raised a teenager.
Those interested in becoming part of this ministry can contact Pastor Conaway at or by calling his office number at (205) 380-4790.

Prayer Warriors Ministry

The Prayer Warriors are a bible-centered, prayer-focused, Pastoral care ministry of the Guiding Light Church that inflicts severe and heavy casualties upon the enemy of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ, through prayer. Our Mission, through prayer, is to promote healing, deliverance, and reconciliation to God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
To learn more or volunteer, contact Pastor Corey Davis

Senior Outreach and Empowerment Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to facilitate and maintain meaningful and purposeful connections among GLC seniors through labors of love, social, and educational events. We work as a team to empower, encourage, and engage with seniors through outreach and spiritual support.
To learn more or volunteer, contact Minister Natalie Washington

Teen Ministry

The Teen Ministry is a ministry for ages 13 to 18 years. Our mission is to assist in training and developing our youth into Godly men and women. Teen Ministry meetings and events are designed to lead teens to Christ, make disciples of Jesus Christ, foster the development of Godly relationships and to equip teens to serve in the body of Christ. In addition, teens are given opportunities to sing, pray, read the Word, answer biblical and practical questions, debate issues and speak before their peers.
If you are interested in joining the Teen Ministry, contact Elder Letangelon Broadnax or Minister Cathy Noye at 838-1386.

UNLEASH Women's Ministry

This ministry is committed to encouraging women to maximize their divine potential in Christ. If you enjoy making new friends and desire to grow in your walk with the Lord, you’ve found the right place! You’ll enjoy our relevant Bible studies, small group fellowships, support groups designed to help you through every phase of life. We would love to have you join us.
If you are interested in joining the Women’s ministry, contact Deacon Angela Brown,

Ushers and Parking Lot Attendants

Both ministries are extensions of Bishop and the church, and meant to serve and assist God's people, the church and Bishop. They are the eyes and the ears for the church and somewhat security from when people come onto the church parking lot, when they enter the sanctuary and after they leave the parking lot.

The Inside Usher meet and greet people entering the church building, they assist in Ushering people to their seat, try to assist in maintaining order, somewhat security and they can do anything else to assist with maintaining order inside the church and will assist the church with anything that happen inside the sanctuary.

The Parking Lot Attendants serves in the parking lot. They greet and meet people in the parking lot, assist people with parking and anything else. The parking lot attendant is the first contact a person has when they come on campus, and they are the first line of defense.
If you would like to volunteer with the Ushers or Parking Lot attendants, contact Deacon Billy Dussett at

Youth Ministry

Nursery and Children’s Church meet in “Bibleland” where children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years, are taught the Word of God in creative and exciting ways. "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6
If you are interested in joining the Youth Ministry, contact Elder Letangelon Broadnax or Minister Cathy Noye at 838-1386.